Advantages to using PIMS. Why should I change?
Advantages to using PIMS. Why should I change?
03 June, 2013, Admin
If you are still recording and documenting your property rents through spread sheets and offline paper files it is time to think again. Once you start to use PIMS as a commercial property software you will shortly recognize how greatly, speedily and simple online property management can be. PIMS property management suite is simple and easy to use and will provide you with the following improvements:

  • Less time spent moving between programs
  • Less time spent learning multiple systems
  • Quicker and more efficient data management
  • Many automated tasks

Plus many more benefits. Please read on further to read more about some of these points.

Improve company vision 
PIMS display’s data in a simple well-structured layout, helping you to better understand your assets and your organisation. The PIMS dashboards and reporting functionality will deliver the most relevant information to the users who need it the most. Different reports in PIMS can also be provided for all different roles across the organisation.

Efficient management
Our property management software has been thoroughly tested resulting in fewer breakdowns. Reducing software breakdowns allows for more efficient scheduling and a reduction in the time engineers spend on administration. These are both outcomes of a well-managed preventative maintenance program and these enhancements can be delivered by Computerised Maintenance Management Software.

Less disruption 
An indirect saving, but one that is often very significant, results from less disruption in the day-to-day running of the organisation. The PIMS property management software includes several planned maintenance routines. These can be carried out at a pre-arranged time, when the building is empty or when the equipment is not in use. 

Increase work rate
By using planned maintenance scheduling and management tools it not only makes sure all data is accurate and up to date on a monthly basis it also helps free up staffs working hours saving the organisation money.

Latest technologies
PIMS property management software makes use of the latest technologies available. As the PIMS solutions is Written in .NET in means the application is compatible across multiple platforms and mobile devices. The PIMS solution has both the flexibility to deliver today’s requirements and develop with you as your organisation and environment changes.