Page Speed Optimisation
Page Speed Optimisation
12 September, 2013, Jon
Speed and performance are both important in any web application. By taking these two factors into consideration PIMS property management software has been optimised to perform on a wide range of internet speeds.

Pages in PIMS property management software have been heavily optimised to run on even very slow internet speeds. With pages loading on your browser almost instantly and processes completing just as fast PIMS feels as fluid across all devices.

By minimising the amount of HTTP calls as well as the amount of data downloaded to your browser, PIMS has been designed to load as fast as possible, giving users the best possible experience, wherever they are.

PIMS commercial property management is an international product, and we can offer full CDN (Content Delivery Network) support allowing users to benefit from the speed and performance of PIMS wherever in the world they may be, independent of where their server is actually located.